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About the R.A. Stahl Company...

After 12 years in manufacturing industry and being awarded Oliver Wight’s Class “A” recognition for supply chain excellence, Bob founded the R.A. Stahl Company in 1982, joining Oliver Wight as an Associate.  Bob has continued as an independent consultant assisting some of the world’s leading corporations make improvements in their supply chain practices, allowing them to achieve results well beyond their previous expectations. Bob is recognized internationally as the thought leader in Executive S&OP implementation methodology.

About Bob Stahl & Tom Wallace's Path to Collaboration...

Bob and Tom first met in 1982 when both were Oliver Wight Associates.  They taught dozens of public classes and seminars for the Oliver Wight organization, subsequently working independently for many years. In 2000, Bob and Tom renewed their relationship that resulted in the co-authoring of six books.

Today, Bob heads up the consulting practice for T.F. Wallace & Company, continuing to assist companies to improve their supply chain practices, with a special emphasis on Executive S&OP. By Tom Wallace's account, Bob is one of the top Executive S&OP consultants in the world, and Bob is the author of the implementation methodology that is central to their books and teaching materials.  Together, Tom Wallace and Bob Stahl are two of the foremost authorities on Executive S&OP.